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Creating a Quick Action


Quick Actions let your users quickly do tasks, such as create records, log calls, send emails, and more. With custom actions, you can prototype the look and feel of any quick action.

Creating a Quick Action

Quick actions can be added on a highlights panel, an activity panel and inside a list view page.

Here's how to create a quick action on a highlights panel:

  1. Select the highlights panel element
  2. From the right panel, go to the "Action" section
  3. Click on the "Add Action" link
  4. Create a new action (or select an existing one)
  5. Select the desired action type
    Lightning Component: to add your action as a Lightning Web Component
    > Create a record: to create an action that will simulate the record creation process
    > Update a record: to create an action that will simulate the edit record process
    > Log a call: to create an action for logging a call - this will display all the task fields
  6. Edit the modal box action content by drag and dropping fields
  7. Close the modal once completed
  8. Switch to preview mode to test your action.

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